I struggle with painful and difficult feelings. Can you make them go away?

/ Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Your feelings are probably a normal, healthy response to the difficulties of life. There are many reasons why you might feel ‘negative’ feelings – perhaps you’ve experienced loss, injustice or trauma or perhaps your life just isn’t working out the way you wanted.

If you are frequently overwhelmed by intense feelings to the point you cannot function we may have to look at techniques to help you manage and regulate your emotions but there is nothing anyone can do to take them away entirely. Similarly, if you have experienced intense loss or traumatic events in your life there is nothing anyone can do to change what happened to you or make you forget.

However, counselling can help you process what happened and to move on with your life. Ironically learning to feel our feelings rather than fighting them is the often the way to loosen the grip they have on us. You will still carry the grief and pain but it will, perhaps, weigh less heavily on you.

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