Do you offer concessions?

/ Monday, August 13th, 2018

Not usually although I will always listen to and consider representations to reduce my fee.

I am passionate about making counselling as accessible to people as possible and I recognise that, for many people, the cost of private counselling can be prohibitive. For this reason I have, for a number of years, offered my services as a counsellor for free to the Margaret Jackson Centre (MJC), a charity providing low cost counselling. I also manage the Iron Mill Counselling Service (IMCS), another affordable counselling service in Exeter.  I feel that this is my contribution to making counselling as accessible as possible.

I recommend contacting either of the above services if you are looking for counselling in Exeter and private fees are beyond your reach.

I believe that my standard rate is a fair one for the quality of service and care that I offer.

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