What’s the difference between the business contract and the therapeutic contract?

/ Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

In our first session together we will enter into a business contract (sometimes described as the counselling contract) together.  This will clearly set out all of the business arrangements between us, such as how much sessions cost, cancellation charges, duration and frequency of sessions etc. The purpose of this is to foster complete transparency and trust and to ensure there is no danger of any misunderstandings once therapy is underway.  It is considered best practice for all counsellors to work in this way.

The word contract can sound a bit scary.  Please be assured that I will never try to bamboozle you with jargon or trick clauses and you will always be able to end counselling at any time without penalty.

The therapeutic contract is not a formal or legal document. It is different for every single client and sets out your therapeutic goals.  It might describe particular ways of working, or particular areas you would like to explore or steer clear of.  It might be something we put into writing or just a verbal agreement.  It is something we will keep under review as therapy progresses and may evolve over time. The therapeutic contract is how we will both know that you are getting what you need from counselling.

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